Why Winter Haven?

Incredible momentum. Tremendous growth.

Calling it a “growth phase”
doesn’t quite cut it.

More accurately, we’re exploding. Fueled by hundreds of millions in investment, Winter Haven is welcoming new businesses, new jobs and new capital to the community every day. We’re even going global, exploring strategic trade relationships with people and businesses on six continents.

We’ve been busy. In the past few years, downtown has welcomed…

New Net Businesses

Net New Jobs

Total Development Projects

Million Dollars in Economic Investment by 2016


Winter Haven’s central location makes it ideal for any business that has an interest in accessing the over nine million people within a 100 mile radius of Polk County. Located 55 miles inland and with convenient access to interstates I-4, I-75, US 27 and the Florida Turnpike System, Winter Haven offers a protected and connected hub for the burgeoning transportation, logistics, manufacturing and technology industries.

Infrastructure at a Glance

Our prime location allows for convenient access to two major international airports, the nation’s newest inland port and logistics center and a population of 7.2 million within an hour’s drive. Winter Haven’s location at the intersection of major transportation and technology grids makes the area primed to receive, produce and distribute goods and services regionally and globally.

2 International Airports

4 Municipal Airports Within a 35-Minute Drive

3 Seaports within an hour and a half

1 Intermodal Logistics Center Processing 300,000 Containers/Year


Meet the world’s most advanced intermodal rail terminal

When road meets rail, you save. How does spending 40% less on shipping sound?

The CSX ILC provides shippers with a 40% savings over trucking and boosts efficiency by combining bulk warehouse, distribution and manufacturing in a single location. Both direct and consolidated operations will bring even greater efficiencies to Winter Haven logistics activities. Even better? With 900+ acres of available land and 8 million square-feet of planned facilities,  your business will be able to offer reliable, predictable service and comprehensive market reach to millions of people from one location. The first 407,000 square-foot build is currently underway. Check out the progress here.

Protected Trust

Don’t forget about data

Because you don’t just want high speed. You want really, really, really high speed.

Winter Haven’s technology grid is one of the most sophisticated in the Southeast. Local businesses benefit from our strategic position along the east-west portion of Florida’s LambdaRail, a dedicated statewide communications facility made up of 1,540 miles of dark fiber. Downtown Winter Haven is also the location of Protected Trust, a full-service data center in a structure that is CAT IV hurricane wind load certified. The center features redundant power and cooling systems, high-speed fiber connectivity to the internet and 24/7 monitoring and surveillance.

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